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Back for a GLIMPSE
Don't know what am I doing here,don't know what to update too,and since my last entree was like last september,I shall give my blog a little kick,even though no one visits my blog anymore,SYOK SENDIRI.Hmmmm..........lets see.........well,nothing to update,so long peeps. =D

4:56 AM
Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Ying Hao~


Wooooooooooooow..........my blog is dead. What can i do to make my blog come alive!!!COME ALIVE!!!!!!!!LOL

Anyway,screw my dead blog.Im just here to do nothing,besides posting that WONDERFUL picture.Ah man........life is just so bored bored now.Give me some excitement man!!Holy Jesus!!AMEN!!Oh and,cell group and church is just getting better and better,keep up the good work W17!! =D

2:02 AM
Friday, September 11, 2009
Ying Hao~

Meteor Shower

How many of you out there seen a meteor shower before??I guess the answer is none. Was on FB chatting with friends and than out of a sudden,I click a link on my friend's post and it lead me to an interesting article. METEOR SHOWER!!!OMG!!!! I was so excited and happy when i read the article as it will happen here in Asia late night and we'll be able to observe with our naked eye.

Monkey as I always was,got excited and telling the whole world about it,
hahahaha!!!So,the professor says that it will occur somewhere around 1.30-4.00 am thursday. I waited,and waited and waited..........till the clock ticks at 1.30 am.Rush out of my house,getting the camera ready,hoping to be able to observe meteor shower.But out of luck,the sky is covered with haze and clouds,which is preventing me to from experiencing this one in a life time experience. T.T

Was so sad and disappointed. Was really hoping to see the meteor shower,but my hopes were dented. But wait,look at the bright side,the professor said that those who missed out that opportunity will be able to observe the meteor shower again frid
ay morning. =D Gonna try my luck again.

This is what I got....... =.=

10:10 PM
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Ying Hao~

Essence and Effects of DRUGS!!
Smoking is no more cool now,its only for amateurs. Drug is the new cool now.

Us trying out the 'NEW' stuff

Years later,this is where we end up.........

10:34 PM
Saturday, August 8, 2009
Ying Hao~


How la macha,so bored man now. Everyones in college now except me =(. Well,hopefully will get back on track on my career study soon,and earn money faster than any of you!!!LOL. Anyway,since Im not studying now,Im actually working for Sung's mom in Oriental company. Its a property company and his mom is an agent there. Earn RM500 per month,only 3 hrs per day,from Mon - Fri. Ain't bad eh the pay.

Because I'll be working part-time only,Sung's mom is still looking for my replacement. Anyone out there who finished your studies and wants to work,you can leave a message here. Basic requirements Im not so sure,but most important is that you have own a car. Well,the pay is 1k a month and you will do office work and be Sung's mom's assistant. Also,you'll manage calls and some property and there will be commission for the properties you handle. Want more info,just leave a message on my blog. Roughly she needs an assistant by December. =)

Yeap,so thats it. Better sort out my studies fast. What Im gonna study??It remains a secret. =x Hopefully God will help me out with my studies and bless me!!

2:48 AM
Thursday, August 6, 2009
Ying Hao~

WoooooooooT!!!!!!!Im getting a korean girl man! XD

5:34 AM
Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Ying Hao~

Looooooooong Holiday
Im getting tired and bored of the holidays I had and have. Have not been studying since I finish my 1st semester in Inti and it totally sucks. Inti is like the worst college you'll ever go,thats why only sad people like me goes to Inti =( . Everyday stayed home do nothing but facing the computer playing addictive and non beneficial game,DOTA!!Oh man,I was supposed to stop Dota since end of Form 3. But since I started college earlier this year,Shun Thai influenced me to go CC and play DOTA!!!!!

9:39 PM
Sunday, July 19, 2009
Ying Hao~

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